Jessie Davis case: 2nd arrest made

Myisha Ferrell was arrested Sunday and will be arraigned today, in addition to Bobby Cutts, in connection with the Jessie Davis case. (Associated Press, Akron Beacon Journal) I kept watching the local and national news yesterday learning more and more details.

Something that gets me really frustrated are those who are blaming the victim. "Why would you stay with someone with a past history like his?" "Didn't she learn after the first child, or didn't she learn after she found out that this guy fathered other children with other women?"

Why don't I just step out of the way so those people can just stomp on this woman's coffin and grave? Like I said yesterday, we don't know what happened between those two people - despite what anyone (even family) are saying.

You can blame this guy and his accomplice all you want (and I know everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty), but pointing the finger at Jessie before we can learn more about this case - that's just wrong. Everyone around here will be watching the news very closely today as these two go to court.