Dr. Flea Disappears

Here's what Medgadget posted on January 19, 2007 in reference to the 2006 Medical Weblog Awards:
The winner of Best New Medical Blog is...

Flea, a weblog by an anonymous pediatrician "in solo practice in the Northeast U.S." On his website, Flea tackles many issues facing pediatricians today: from childhood obesity to anti-vaccination moonbats and their websites that scare parents with pseudo-scientific proclamations. Congratulations, Dr. Flea! Job well done.

Now, if you click on over to the Flea blog or on the Flea profile, you'll see that it's all gone (Thanks Carrie for the heads-up). If you have been following over there, you know that Dr. Flea is/will be going through some litigation.

It was actually an interesting series that he was putting together over there. But, probably his lawyer or the lawyers from the other side somehow found out about his blog and pulled the plug.

This is a concerning trend. There's been previous mention of Barbados Butterfly (in Grand Rounds) leaving the blogosphere. Cathy recently had her blogger URL hijacked. Now, there's no Dr. Flea. What's going on out there in blog land?

I know that I'm not going to be the only one saying this, but I'm going to very much miss Dr. Flea and his witty rantings. Dr. Flea, if you're still out there, you have an open invitation to guest post on my blog any time. Best of luck in your court case. We're all pulling for you.