Happy Doctor's Day

Very funny at the hospital this morning. I walked into the doctor's lounge, and saw this breakfast set up. Don't get me wrong, it was the same continental breakfast stuff that is seen at every morning meeting, but the table was dressed up a little bit and a sign saying, "Happy Doctor's Day!"

Then, walking around the floors this morning, it was hilarious! People everywhere were snickering, "Happy Doctor's Day!" Hard to know who was geniune, and who had a busy night working and they're waiting to give report and go home to sleep.

But, an interesting start to my day. But, hey, it's Friday, and the weather is beautiful around here today. Of course, it's supposed to get cold and rainy tomorrow for the weekend. But, who cares! It's Friday, baby, and maybe this doctor will be able to cut out of the office early. Well.... A doc can dream, can't he? Have a great weekend everybody!