Mimi LIVE tonight on Dr. A show

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Thursday, October 25, 2007 at 10:00pm Eastern Time

Join us tonight (actually in a few hours) for Mimi Lenox. There is a little bit more detailed post below, or just click here.

After the last couple of shows, I'm getting a little more comfortable with the 60 minute format. So, we'll be doing that again tonight. I chat it up with Mimi for most of the first half hour of the show. And, then welcome callers (like you) for questions, to say hello, or to talk about whatever your like.

The chat room is always "the show within the show." The chat wasn't working for the last show. So, hopefully, it will be working tonight. The only way to find out it to tune in tonight! Talk to you later....

Update: Thanks so much to Mimi for appearing on the show. Also, thanks to MJRN and Roy for calling into the show. I'm very frustrated that the chat room was not working again tonight. This is the second time that happened. I really have to get that fixed.

Anyway, that's not going to get me down. This show is continuing to grow. We had the largest live audience this show has ever had. And, it's growing every week - Thanks to you. If you missed the show, you can listen in the sidebar or check it out anytime on my BTR site (you can even download it, that's scary LOL). Have a great weekend, everybody!