Tagged again and again

Ok, I admit it. I've been a bad boy. I've been tagged three times in the last two weeks or so, and I haven't gotten around to responding to them. Bad Dr. A!

Lady Aeval and Moof tagged me on "5 things you don't know about me." Then, Fat Doctor tagged me for "7 musicals for 2007." If anyone else tagged me, I totally forgot. So, I apologize if I forgot you.

Since it's my blog, I'm going to give you a modified meme or sorts. It's a pictoral list of things you may not know about me. And, I throw in a little musical thing at the end. Hope you enjoy it...

The car I drive: Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible
I've never had a convertible before. And, for the five sunny days each year in Ohio, I actually have the top down. Kind of fits my personality, don't you think?

My current computer: iMac G4
I'm hoping to upgrade soon. This thing is a tad bit on the slow side,
but still, in my opinion, the most stylish looking computer on the market.
Also, gotta love those Mac commercials.

My dream golf destination: Pebble Beach
I've actually "played" this course on computer games. But, I'd love to be there in real life someday. Everyone I've talked to say that even though TV shows the beauty and majesty of the course, there's nothing like being there in person.

One of my favorite movies ever: Say Anything
So many memories (good and bad) from high school when I watch
this movie again and again. I can still recall many of those
quirky Say Anything quotes, even today.

One of my favorite songs ever: End of the Innocence
Who knows how long this will last
Now weve come so far, so fast
But, somewhere back there in the dust
That same small town in each of us
I need to remember this
So baby give me just one kiss
And let me take a long last look
Before we say good bye