Supersize me

Late news out of LaJolla, California. Dinner is on me and you can order anything that you want because US scientists have found the solution to the obesity problem -- and instead of a pill -- it's a shot -- a shot they're calling the anti-obesity vaccine.

You see, they gave these rats this vaccine directed against a hormone that helps regulate energy. The results show less weight gain and less body fat than those fat rats that got no vaccine.

The finding, said the scientists, might be especially important to stop what is commonly called "yo-yo dieting," the cycle of repeated loss and regain of weight experienced by many dieters.
Wait a sec, I like my yo-yo dieting. What's up with that! One week I'm down three pounds, and the next week, I'm up five pounds. This is awful! This is horrible! Where's my potato chips and diet coke? Maybe this will be a good thing. We'll see.