Add-on addiction

Ok, so I went about 36 hours without blogging and I just cannot take it anymore. GEEZ! Glad I said it. Actually, I've been on blogger all day (confession), but did not post anything until now.

As you can see on my sidebar, I kind of went nuts today. I was reading this from the blogger help desk about stuff that can be added to the page. I said, "Hmmmm, this looks interesting." So, I checked out some of the links, and did some google searches on my own. And, I explored other blogs to see what they had on them. What I kept reading was that if you can figure out how to change your sidebar links, you'll have no problem with add-ons to your blog. So, I tried my first one, and it worked!

Before I knew it, six hours went by and I just kept adding, what I thought was cool stuff, to my blog. It was really hard, but I cut myself off from searching anymore. I trimmed down the amount of stuff over there (that was tough). And, ended up with what you see now as the "new and improved" sidebar.

Here are just two things I want to highlight:
Frappr Map: You can put a kind of thumb tack anywhere on this map. Can also post a comment and other stuff I haven't figured out yet. You'll see that I put myself in Key West. I have visited there a few times and would like to live there eventually (except during hurricane season).

Babel Fish translator: It's strange seeing this page translated in different languages. I tried and it works for most of the languages listed.

There is so much more stuff over there that I don't even know what they do yet. But, they look cool, don't you think? All I have to say for myself is this, "I'm Dr. A, and I'm an Add-On Addict." Please help me!