In a mood

I don't know what's quite gotten into me today. I'm in this rapid fire blogging mood today. Anyway, I have a confession I'd like to make (other than I'm a blogaholic). I can't believe I did this, but I consumed about 1200 calories at lunch today. What was I thinking! It's just that Wendy's was calling my name and I couldn't stop myself. Yes, I'm an idiot. Whew! Now, I feel better.

Speaking of moods, I guess Blogger is in the mood for maintenance.

We will have an outage of 90 minutes from 4p to 5:30p (Pacific Time) as we perform some hardware upgrades. At the beginning of this outage (the first five minutes), will appear completely inaccessible. Following this, a status message will appear for the remainder of the 90 minute outage during which time users will be unable to update their blogs.

With all the stuff happening with Moof to FD to Cathy to anyone else, who knows what will happen with this scheduled Blogger outage. Maybe this will be my last blog ever. Thanks for the memories. HA!