Patient Anonymous

Yup, you read that right. This past Wednesday, I posted something called Opportunity in which I talk about being approached by an insurance company for statements I made in my blog. (BTW, I still haven't decided what I'm doing yet.)

I read this comment by someone calling herself Patient Anonymous...

I just found your blog courtesy of your Medscape interview. I should probably read more of it before just jumping right in and posting but I'm all about immediate gratification and lack of impulse control at the moment.

I would not respond to this. I used to co-moderate a support board/group of fora for mental illnesses, meds etc... and I won't go into the details but we received trolls like this.

Also, it just sort of screamed, "Let us pimp you out!"...and such a cheery (form) letter from an insurance company? Yeah.

If you wish to get published, go for something a little more reputable.

Oh, and I just picked this name in quick, rather unoriginal random fashion so if someone else already has it, apologies--I'll change it.

Thanks and I look forward to reading more here.

There are two thoughts that pop into my head. First, I absolutely do not want to make this person mad. LOL! And, second, this person, whomever she is, really needs to start a blog. So, I responded in my comment section (with the second part only - HA!).

Now, I never believed that this person would take me up on this. So, the very next day, here is the beginning of the first post for the Patient Anonymous blog...

Well, I blame Dr. A for all of this. I posted on his blog and he said I should start one of my own because he thought I'd make a good blogger. Huh. Well, I'm sure this will prove him wrong!...

...Well, if nothing more it will prove to be an interesting "experiment" and I love experiments! It will either be the most pathetic blog in the history of the internet or I may actually get someone (besides Dr. A) to read it.

So, if you could do me a favor, and show some love to the newest person in blogland. Please stop by and say hello. And, don't forget to tell her that Dr. A sent ya! HA!