If you're looking for Grand Rounds 3.09, scroll on below and enjoy!

In my sidebar, I moved up the top 5 most popular links from yesterday. It's always interesting seeing what people will click on and read further.

I'll have a more comprehensive Grand Rounds hosting wrap-up post soon (probably something similar to what TPA wrote). Just a few thoughts for now...

In the midst of the hoopla yesterday, you may have missed checking out my interview with Nick Genes. He told me that his medscape editors were going to release the GR host interviews the day of GR to try to increase traffic. I would agree that this was a great idea, because I got a lot of traffic from that link.

You're probably wondering about the numbers. On Monday, I was averaging just below 300 visitors a day - not too shabby, if I say so myself. My numbers were going up for the past week with all the GR hype I was trying to generate.

I'm giving all of you exclusive access to my numbers for the next few days (especially those of you thinking about being a GR host), just so you can see what happened. According to Site Meter, I had 1,300+ visitors yesterday! According to StatCounter, I had about 1,700+ visitors yesterday. (Here's more data). Now you can debate which is more accurate, but for me, I don't care! I'll never get close to 1,000 in one day again.

Well, that's all for now. My apologies to the NaBloPoMo people, as I may be taking a blog break the next few days and catch up on some other things. (Eek, there's other things besides blogging? I am a blogaholic, ya know...)

News Update: It just turned 12 noon where I'm at and I already have had 613 visitors today. Maybe it's another 1,000 visitor day. Yay! We'll see what happens...