News briefs

Coumadin Black Box: Coumadin is a blood thinner that is used in a variety of health problems including blood clot prevention. Yes, you have heard right, technically, it is rat poison. Last week, the company that makes name brand coumadin issued a "black box" warning about "potential fatal risk of bleeding" in patients -- article from NewYorkBusiness.Com.

For those that may not know, some people consider the "black box" warning the highest warning that the US FDA issues to warn doctors and patients of potential medication problems.

Now, this is not anything mysterious. Everyone has known that coumadin has this potential for years. This is not another "FDA screwup." Here's the rub. Either take the coumadin and face potential side effects like bleeding. Or, don't take the blood thinner, and, for those that need coumadin, run the risk of blood clots which lead to things like stroke. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I do know that our phones here at the office have been ringing off the hook today with questions.

Total Lettuce Recall: The E.coli saga is continuing. The Mercury News is reporting today that a California company is voluntarily recalling some of its crops of lettuce after finding E.coli in a sample of irrigation water. First spinach, then beef, and now lettuce. As long as they don't recall Diet Coke and donuts, I think I'll be fine. We'll see what gets recalled next.

Cleveland doctor arrested in Cyprus: Yazeed Essa was arrested over the weekend as he attempted to clear customs is Cyprus. (CNN.Com)

Prosecutors have said they believe Essa, an emergency room doctor, was having an affair with a nurse and wanted to be free of his 38-year-old wife. Prosecutors characterized the killing as a "divorce substitute."
What's going on the world today? If you don't like your spouse, then just divorce her/him. What's up with murder (er, I have to say alleged murder)? If guilty, I hope this guy gets put away for a long time.