I admit that I haven't worked out in months, even though I tell my patients to workout all the time - you know, for your health. So, I woke up this morning and told myself that I'm going to get my butt out of bed and head over to the local gym (which I think I pay $10/month for) and burn some calories.

I have no excuses why I don't follow my own health advice. I guess I rationalize things by saying what everybody else says: "Uh, I don't have the time to exercise," "I'm so tired when I get home from work," "I can't get up early in the morning," etc.

But, this morning, I've decided I'm going to do this. Go me! Where are my tennis shoes?

BA in South Florida: Don't forget to stop by Ms Bee's place sometime today or tonight for the Blogaholics Anonymous meeting. I'll be bringing the flu shots and the Diet Coke. However, the ladies, including you FD, are not allowed near the Diet Coke. Why? Because, I don't want to be blamed for your osteoporosis down the road. Read here. HA!

Anyway, Ms Bee was happy to get 53 visitors from six countries yesterday. We can do better than that! Click on over there right now and say hello. Let's break her bean counter today with our visits. See you there!