Poll question

Since it's four weeks before Election Day in the United States, I'm going to ask you, the faithful Doctor Anonymous reader, a poll question. Actually, two poll questions, because I'm seeking feedback on a couple of things.

A week from today, I'm going to be giving a talk at our local community hospital. The target audience are people who have heart and lung problems - ie, patients who have had heart bypass surgery and/or patients with lung problems like emphysema. Here's the topic: Dr. A talks about Managing Your Cholesterol. Now, mind you, I did not pick this topic. This was suggested by the group.

Serious Question: Here's what I'd like to know: if you were me, what information would you like these people to know about managing cholesterol?

Yesterday, my pal Penrick from I've got a few things to say, made this suggestion, in response to my post called Happy World Post Day, "You should start a Blog Anonymous Day yourself. You start discussing it a month before and let the word of blog spread." What? A worldwide Blogaholics Anonymous Day? Is this for real? Can this work?

Non-Serious Questions: If a worldwide Blogaholics Anonymous Day would actually happen, how would you promote it? I would imagine that I would ask people to post something about BA on their blog all on the same day - what would the topic be? What other things need to happen to make BAD (Blogaholics Anonymous Day) successful?

Thanks for any feedback that you have. I'm definitely doing the cholesterol talk next week. As for the BAD thing (isn't that a Chris Isaak song?), I'm not sure if I want to try to pull that off, yet. You'll have to convince me of that.